Center #1 Mission Critical         manager Adam Colter Senior Pastor

Missions Coach: Dan Conder & Mike Hutson

Leadership Council: Dan Conder, Mike Hutson, Rick Hahn, Warren Manchess, Ann Morris, Judy Settles, Mary Ringer, Colby & Mandy Hale, Mike Jenkins, Jonathan & Hannah Wier

Benevolence Coach: Rick Hahn & Mike Hutson

Leadership Council: Rick Hahn, Mike Hutson, Barb Green and Amanda McKeon

Micro-ChurchesCoach: Jonathan Wier

Development Courses Coach: Darin Lawson

Cicero Men’s Club Coach: Jay St. Peters

      Men’s Breakfast Coach: Chad Hartwick 

   Center #2  Building Community           manager Mike Hutson Elder

Outreach (External) Coach: Jenni Roosa              

Special Events (Internal) Coach: Amber Hawkins                                             

Women’s Ministry Coach: Diana Higginbotham; Asst. Coach: Jenni Roosa     

    Leadership Council: Teresa House, Sharon Knapp, Lynette Duvall, Nancy Hutson, Tia Vondersaar, Kerry Cooley, Mandy Hale, Teresa Stroop

Soup, Salad & Scripture Coach: Judy Settles

   Center #3 Shepherding            manager Dan Conder Elder

Stephen Ministry Coach: JaNell Martz

Grief Share – Coach: Shirley Bales

1st Impressions Co-Coaches: Sally Esbaum & Sara Colter

Friends Unlimited Coaches: Becky Moore & Ed Moore; Assistant: Pam Conder

   Center #4 Worship & Creative Arts       manager Dave Stroop Worship Pastor

Music - Coach: Dave Stroop

Computer Graphics - Coach: Dave Stroop; Assistant Coach: Zack Schuyler

Video - Coach: Dave Stroop; Assistant Coach: Zack Schuyler

Lighting - Coach: Dave Stroop; Assistant Coach: Zack Schuyler

Stage Design - Coach: Dave Stroop; Assistant Coach: Zack Schuyler

Ushers Coach: Ken Newcom; Assistant: Walter Morris 

   Center #5 Next Generation Ministry                 manager Justin Pollock Next Gen Pastor

 Noah’s Park Nursery (age 0-3) – Coach: Emma Roudebush

Treehouse (ages 4-K) – Coaches: Hannah Wier  

The Clubhouse (grades 1-5) – Coach: Amber Hawkins     

VBS & Camps (age 4+) – Coach: Justin Pollock

Student Ministry– Coach: Justin Pollock; Assistant Coaches: Katie Smith & Amber Smith


Service Ministry Teams

Library Coach: Marcia House  

Funeral Dinners  Coach: Judy Settles; Assistant: Jo Ellen Gentry 

Wedding Coordination Coach: Renee Kinder  

The Café Coach: Shirley Bales; Assistant: Kathy Repp & Rebecca Simpson

Heart & Hands Handiworks – Coach: Rebecca Simpson                                     

Communion Coach: Jenni Roosa  

Requests & Reminders (prayer chain email) Coach: Sherry Strauss   

Cicero Christian School (Child Care and Preschool) Coach & Interium Director: Hannah Wier  School Board: Coach-Renee Kinder (pres.), Mike Hutson, Lacy McGrew, Angie Leming, Justin Pollock

HomeTouch Coach: Marcia House 

Moving Coach: Mark Fisher

Kitchen Coach: Eric Roosa

Community Garden Coach: Suzi Fisher                                                         

Food Pantry Liaison Coach: John Swanson

 Health & Wellness Coaches: JoEllen Arrowood & Jana Swanson

Elders Coach: Mike Hutson

Legal Coach: Mike Jenkins

Computer / Web Coaches: Dave Stroop & Paul Huss 

Team Ministry Administration Coaches: Jenni Roosa & Mike Jenkins

Maintenance & Replacement Coach: Tom Ping

Property Management Coach: Tom Ping

Grounds Coaches: Tom Ping & David Gillam 

Housekeeping Coach: David Gillam

Safety & Security System Coach: Tom Ping & David Gillam, Asst. Coach: Jenni Roosa